Spiritual Renewal: Fasting that Sharpens the Spiritual Senses

This is a guest post from author Mark Reed

Whenever my friends practice Lent by avoiding TV or junk food, I quietly scoff at their fasting-made-easy approach. I try not to discourage them or judge their motives, and inside I question my own motives and methods.  Fasting is designed to increase self-discipline in order to strengthen my will power against temptation and build my endurance for Christ’s work. It’s like working out the spiritual muscles—it should be hard work, a tiring workout. Sometimes you’re sore afterward. Sore, but stronger. So fasting from TV can be good if I’m using that time to pray or help someone—something that builds spiritual muscle. If going without junk food for 40 days strengthens my will-power so I can say no to spiritual temptation, then it’s a helpful spiritual discipline. How would you design your own “40-days to a Leaner Spiritual Life.”

Mark Reed

Author of Rehearsing for Heaven


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